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News: "Throw The Bums Out" doesn't work

George Santos

"Throw The Bums Out" doesn't work

Chris S

The core message around every election season is that we need to MOBILIZE MOBILIZE MOBILIZE, because we need to throw out the bums who are representing us and replace them with someone new. Then, someone new comes in, and, unsurprisingly, they prove to be just as corrupt and shady as the last person. Or, in the case of George Santos, far far more corrupt. So, we throw him out and replace him. Rinse. Repeat.

This "strategy" just leads to the endless cycle of excitement at the new candidate, followed by years of disappointment as they fail to deliver on even a single promise they made to you when they were campaigning. And, what can you do about it? Nothing. You can write letters, call, protest. But, those get ignored, so...Nothing

The fact is that the people going to Washington are not the problem (well, maybe Santos was). The system in Washington is the issue. Good people who try to do the right thing get chewed up and spit out and bad actors rake in cash from Dark Money that let them stay forever. THAT is what we need to battle against - the broken campaign finance system.

I know, I know, you've heard this before - get the money out of politics. blah. blah. blah.

Sounds great, but goes nowhere, right?

We are taking a different tack. Rather than trying to change the rules (which doesn't work), let's use this broken system and beat them at their own game. Let's use the crowdfunding power of the American people to counter the influence of Special Interests. Let's make the representatives scared to take those bribes, because they worry that we will hit against them with even more.

Let's break the horrible cycle and bring the people back into the democratic process.

Santos tried to run again in 2024, but had to stop when he had no money. Imagine how much pressure other representatives will feel when they have negative cash raised for their campaigns - when the VoteDown amounts donated against them are more than the amounts they are able to raise for themselves. Think about how hard they will work for you to avoid that happening.

That is the dream we are working for. That is the dream we will achieve.