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Ronny Jackson

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Texas's 13th District
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07/23/2024 --foxnews
GOP Rep. Andy Ogles spearheaded a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris calling on her to invoke the 25th Amendment over President Biden's health concerns.
07/22/2024 --foxnews
President Biden bowed out of the presidential race after concerns mounted surrounding his health, though the White House has denied his health played a role in the decision.
07/22/2024 --dailycaller
'He is really, really having trouble reading the teleprompter'
07/20/2024 --huffpost
The gunman in the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump is believed to have flown a drone around the Pennsylvania rally site ahead of time.
07/20/2024 --washingtonpost
The letter, written by Ronny Jackson who is now a member of Congress, says Trump didn’t need stitches but “there is still intermittent bleeding requiring a dressing.”
07/20/2024 --axios
The Trump campaign on Saturday shared new details on the former president's health, one week after a shooter opened fire at a rally in Pennsylvania and struck Trump's right ear.Why it matters: The memo from Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), Trump's former White House physician, is the most detailed update yet on the former president's injury — and emphasizes how close he was to being killed. Driving the news: Jackson, in the written memo shared by the campaign, said the bullet came "less than a quarter of an inch from entering [Trump's] head, and struck the top of his right ear.""The bullet track produced a 2 cm wide wound that extended down to the cartilaginous surface of the ear," Jackson wrote."There was initially significant bleeding, followed by marked swelling of the entire upper ear," he said. Jackson, who wrote that he's treated Trump daily since last weekend, said the swelling has "resolved" since then and that "the wound is beginning to granulate and heal properly."The big picture: The health update comes the same day Trump took the stage for his first campaign rally since the shooting, which left one attendee dead and others injured.Trump's first public event came earlier this week, though, when he delivered a lengthy speech at the Republican National Convention in Wisconsin. He wore a white dressing on his ear every night of the RNC, which many attendees imitated to show support. "Based on the highly vascular nature of the ear, there is still intermittent bleeding requiring a dressing to be in place," Jackson said Saturday. "Given the broad and blunt nature of the wound itself, no sutures were required."Zoom in: Jackson said Trump was first treated at Butler Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania, where medical staff "provided a thorough evaluation for additional injuries that included a CT of his head.""He will have further evaluations, including a comprehensive hearing exam, as needed," Jackson wrote. "He will follow up with his primary care physician, as directed by the doctors that initially evaluated him.""In summary, former President Trump is doing well, and he is recovering as expected."Jackson said he was traveling to Michigan to be with Trump for the rally Saturday and provide medical assistance as needed.Go deeper: Pentagon watchdog finds Ronny Jackson drank on duty and harassed staff — report
07/20/2024 --abcnews
Donald Trump’s campaign released an update on the former president’s health Saturday, one week after he survived an attempted assassination at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania
07/20/2024 --abcnews
The gunman in the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump is believed to have flown a drone around the Pennsylvania rally site ahead of time in an apparent attempt to scope out the site before the event
07/20/2024 --themirror
Donald Trump's doctor shared more details about the former president's injuries after he was shot during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania
07/20/2024 --theepochtimes
The doctor said the swelling has resolved and the wound is starting to 'granulate and heal properly.'
07/20/2024 --dailycaller
Trump still suffers 'intermittent bleeding' that requires 'dressing to be in place'
10/26/2023 --rollcall
Republican Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana, elected Wednesday as speaker of the House, brings a defense-focused background to the role as a member of the powerful House Armed Services Committee.  In that seat, he’s advocated for a larger defense budget and sought wins on social issues that affect the military. However, like many other conservative […] The post Johnson brings defense background to speakership appeared first on Roll Call.