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07/17/2024 --rawstory
MILWAUKEE — Just outside the security perimeter of the Republican National Convention, across the river from where thousands gathered in support of Donald Trump for president, a gaggle of clowns held court.They were older clowns, honking horns and proudly displaying their homemade clown cart, featuring circus music and a papier-mâché Trump head adorned with a red tie.ALSO READ: Associated Press issues warning about iconic Trump assassination attempt photo“The Republican party is a clown act, so why not play to that,” said Steve May from Washington state, one of the clowns.They even have an anti-Trump clown website.“We are Democracy loving Americans, dressed as clowns, to encourage you to join us in keeping clowns and puppets out of elected office in the United States,” the website says.A delegate to the Republican National Convention walks past horn-honking clown Steve May of Washington state, who, with two friends dressed as clowns, protested Donald Trump just outside the convention's security zone.(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)The clowns, including Pat Spellacy from Arizona and Denny Moriarty from Minnesota, said they have been friends for decades. They started by showing up at local Democratic events, selling clown noses and finger puppets to raise money for the Democratic Party.Their clown cart says on its side, “Elect clowns, expect a circus.”As pedestrians passed by, the clowns honked their clown horns and said, “The circus is in town. Did you know that?”Pat Spellacy from Arizona hands an anti-Trump pedestrian a clown nose just outside the security zone of the Republican National Convention.(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)But not everyone was laughing.“A guy came over and was being a little threatening,” May said. “He was loud and he grabbed the cart. But the police were marvelous and they got rid of him. No harm done.”'Unknown client'The Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, which officially began Monday and runs through Thursday evening, has attracted all manner of jokers, agitators and cranks.Across the street from the clowns, six video trucks were parked next to each other, all showing a parody of Trump’s campaign logo.“Dictator on day one,” it said, referring to Trump’s comments in December that he wouldn’t be a dictator “except for Day One.”Trucks lined up on a street just outside the security zone at the Republican National Convention.(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)None of the drivers sitting in the trucks’ cabs knew who financed the messages.“Unknown client,” said Johnny Ford, one of the drivers.In the current political climate, it wasn’t completely clear if the display was pro- or anti-Trump.'Welcome future fake electors'Numerous other kinds of protests — many with a humorous edge — dot the streets of downtown Milwaukee.Sign in the window of a spice food company whose headquarters is in Wisconsin and is unabashed about its politics.(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)Lady with a sign on a hanger protests outside the security zone of the Republican National Convention.(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)Car on street with a protest outside the security zone of the Republican National Convention.(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)Truck sponsored by People for the American Way reminds people what Republican vice presidential candidate J.D. Vance once said about Donald Trump.(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)Protestor outside entrance for cars into the security zone for the Republican National Convention.(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)Spanish language protest truck says, "Wisconsin it's time to reject Trump's agenda. Prohibit access to abortion and contraceptives at the national level. Separate thousands of families through mass deportations. Raise taxes on working communities and exempt the rich from taxes.”(Mark Alesia/Raw Story)
11/07/2023 --politico
"Hopefully we can work through this and get something done in a short period of time," the Alabama senator said.