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07/17/2024 --rawstory
President Joe Biden canceled a planned speech at UnidosUS' annual conference in Las Vegas, due to a positive test for COVID-19.According to CNN, the audience let out "audible gasps" when this was revealed to conferencegoers.This is not the first time the president has been diagnosed; he also tested positive for COVID last September, along with the First Lady, forcing them to isolate.ALSO READ: Associated Press issues warning about iconic Trump assassination attempt photoFormer President Donald Trump himself famously became ill with COVID on the 2020 campaign trail following large rallies, prior to the vaccines being developed, and had to spend some time being treated at Walter Reed.While COVID deaths have gone down considerably since the pandemic peak, driven by vaccination and the development of antiviral treatments that allow most people to avoid life-threatening illness, the virus is still present and causing outbreaks around the country.
07/17/2024 --rawstory
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called the assassination attempt over the weekend a "grave attack" on democracy, and the internet couldn't help but wonder aloud: what about Jan. 6?The Republican wrote in a Wednesday post on X that Saturday's "near-assassination of former President [Donald] Trump was a grave attack on American democracy.""The nation deserves answers and accountability," he wrote. "New leadership at the Secret Service would be an important step in that direction."The statement drew criticism on multiple fronts from the comment section. Some users said the GOP needs to be transparent about Trump's medical diagnosis following the Saturday shooting, as others said there needs to be an investigation of the Secret Service's response before anyone is held accountable.But many blasted McConnell's assertion that he now sees an attack on "democracy" even as he endorses Trump for president, despite directly blaming him for fomenting the Capitol riot. McConnell also voted to acquit him of inciting an insurrection.Read also: Boos drown out Mitch McConnell at Republican National Convention"You showed cowardice of epic proportions when you did not convict Trump in the Senate after his impeachment for his attempted insurrection," wrote @Lisbetta. "I just unfollowed you because Trump has so sidelined you, you would be more productive just spitting into the wind.""Yes you used 'democracy' so that tells me you are not serious about our republic at all or holding Secret Service Director accountable. Glad you won't be running for office again," wrote @mefbama."The nation deserves answers and accountability for a lot of things," wrote @GalesVicky. "I personally would like answers as to why you just s--- on everyone's civil rights now? I think you are a horrible man and you really just need to stop weighing in on anything. You ok with this? #Project2025""Do you ever think about what would’ve happened had you let the Senate hold a proper impeachment hearing for Donald Trump? You could’ve rescued the Republican Party from MAGADemocrats would begrudgingly have to admire you. You would’ve helped preserve the republic," wrote @AngryInAGoodWay.User @antonioenfuego5 wrote: "Uh. Like January 6th???""Trump has already moved on selling sneakers already," wrote @denisewu."We also need to hear more (frankly anything) from medical professionals about your party’s nominee," wrote @JoJoFromJerz."We’ve all known and believed that for days now," wrote @773tom79 Wednesday. "So the point of your post is?"