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Mike Rogers

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Alabama's 3rd District
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07/18/2024 --salon
Republicans are raising false alarms about Democrats using undocumented immigrants to skew the vote
07/18/2024 --nbcnews
Democrats in tough races in the 2024 elections are hoping President Joe Biden's poll numbers after the debate won't hurt them in November.
07/17/2024 --huffpost
With Trump leading in the polls, GOP headliners and attendees are nevertheless preparing to challenge the next election before it even happens.
07/17/2024 --rawstory
A gaggle of Republican delegates from Southern states reacted with apparent glee to the news that President Joe Biden had tested positive for COVID, when they were approached by the press at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, reported NBC News' Garrett Haake.“Bless his heart,” one delegate from Tennessee reportedly told Haake, with a wink. Another delegate from Alabama said, “We want him to live til November!”This was greeted with disgust from a number of commenters on social media.ALSO READ: Do presidents’ popularity increase after assassination attempts? History has an answer"Is this the unifying message they were talking about?" wrote the account @Jared_Poland. "Sounds like pretty fine people! Sadly, this whole Trumpism thing has taught me one very sad lesson. There are millions of very mean people in this Country," wrote the account @LDenoncourt. "Weren’t GOP just bitching about Dems stoking the flames of division? I swear the lack of self-awareness & overall cognitive dissonance needs to be studied in scientific laboratories someday," wrote the account @nickblax88.This comes amid some other controversial reactions on the Trump side to Biden's diagnosis, with Donald Trump Jr. proclaiming that Biden "didn't really get COVID," and "maybe they don't want him on a world stage anymore."Biden's positive test result came as he was preparing to give a speech at the UnidosUS event in Las Vegas, forcing him to withdraw from the event. He does not appear to be in any immediate life-threatening danger, according to medical releases.“Earlier today, following his first event in Las Vegas, President Biden tested positive for COVID-19,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, noting that “he is vaccinated and boosted and he is experiencing mild symptoms.” And that while Biden recuperates at his home in Delaware, "The White House will provide regular updates on the president’s status as he continues to carry out the full duties of the office while in isolation."
07/17/2024 --rawstory
An unexpected face was seen on the floor of the Republican National Convention on Wednesday: Paul Manafort, the former chief of the 2016 Trump campaign who was convicted of conspiracy against the United States and served two years of combined prison and home confinement before former President Donald Trump pardoned him on his way out of office.The appearance of Manafort, whose convictions stemmed from bank fraud, illegal foreign lobbying, and lying to investigators about his contacts with Russian officials, prompted a firestorm on social media, with many pointing out that he is just one of many convicted felons — including the nominee — on the floor of a convention of a party that is supposed to stand for law and order."This crime wave must end," wrote Lincoln Project co-founder and political strategist Rick Wilson.ALSO READ: Do presidents’ popularity increase after assassination attempts? History has an answer."People welcomed back to 2024 GOP convention: Paul Manafort," wrote Politico legal affairs reporter Kyle Cheney. "People not welcomed back to 2024 GOP convention: Mike Pence.""I was going to count all the people at the RNC who have spent time in prison — or currently risk visiting one — but I simply don't have that kinda time!" wrote Canadian comedian Deven Green, through her satirical Mrs. Betty Bowers, "America's Best Christian" persona."Tonight’s unannounced theme is a soft focus look at the Trump crime family," wrote former Senate staffer Josh Dorner."Paul Manafort was pardoned after lying about why he shared campaign strategy with someone Treasury says is a Russian spy -- who gave the strategy to other Russian spies," wrote analyst Marcy Wheeler. "And note, the platform this time around pretty much sells Ukraine down the river, just like Kilimnik wanted.""Is he already out of prison?" wrote the account @hollywoodpete69. "Oh wait, I confused him with Steve Bannon, I mean Peter [Navarro], uhm maybe Michael Cohen, or was it Roger Stone, but it could have been Weisselberg too......""Why is Paul Manafort, Russian colluder, allowed at the Republican Convention?" wrote the account @sto_k. "Republicans just flagrantly and brazenly showcase their criminality and collusion with hostile foreign governments now, apparently.""Good lord ... raise your hand if you are attending the @GOP Convention and DON’T have a criminal conviction ... not too many, I’m guessing," wrote the account @DrainTheTrumps on Wednesday."The Republican National Convention! AKA the prison reunion show," wrote the account @DaleGaldret.
07/17/2024 --nysun
‘I’m super excited. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say,’ a delegate from Texas, Deana Abiassi, tells the Sun.
07/17/2024 --dailycaller
'The problem for them, though, is the map'