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Adam Schiff

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California's 30th District
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07/18/2024 --rollcall
Welcome to At the Races! Each week we bring you news and analysis from the CQ Roll Call campaign team. Know someone who’d like to get this newsletter? They can subscribe here. Republican vice presidential nominee JD Vance has been in the Senate for only about 19 months, but that’s been plenty of time to get [...]The post At the Races: New guy on the ticket appeared first on Roll Call.
07/18/2024 --rollcall
Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio, voiced support for President Joe Biden remaining in the race when she appeared in Milwaukee on Thursday to challenge the message from the Republican convention.
07/17/2024 --rawstory
A gaggle of Republican delegates from Southern states reacted with apparent glee to the news that President Joe Biden had tested positive for COVID, when they were approached by the press at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, reported NBC News' Garrett Haake.“Bless his heart,” one delegate from Tennessee reportedly told Haake, with a wink. Another delegate from Alabama said, “We want him to live til November!”This was greeted with disgust from a number of commenters on social media.ALSO READ: Do presidents’ popularity increase after assassination attempts? History has an answer"Is this the unifying message they were talking about?" wrote the account @Jared_Poland. "Sounds like pretty fine people! Sadly, this whole Trumpism thing has taught me one very sad lesson. There are millions of very mean people in this Country," wrote the account @LDenoncourt. "Weren’t GOP just bitching about Dems stoking the flames of division? I swear the lack of self-awareness & overall cognitive dissonance needs to be studied in scientific laboratories someday," wrote the account @nickblax88.This comes amid some other controversial reactions on the Trump side to Biden's diagnosis, with Donald Trump Jr. proclaiming that Biden "didn't really get COVID," and "maybe they don't want him on a world stage anymore."Biden's positive test result came as he was preparing to give a speech at the UnidosUS event in Las Vegas, forcing him to withdraw from the event. He does not appear to be in any immediate life-threatening danger, according to medical releases.“Earlier today, following his first event in Las Vegas, President Biden tested positive for COVID-19,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, noting that “he is vaccinated and boosted and he is experiencing mild symptoms.” And that while Biden recuperates at his home in Delaware, "The White House will provide regular updates on the president’s status as he continues to carry out the full duties of the office while in isolation."
07/17/2024 --rawstory
An unexpected face was seen on the floor of the Republican National Convention on Wednesday: Paul Manafort, the former chief of the 2016 Trump campaign who was convicted of conspiracy against the United States and served two years of combined prison and home confinement before former President Donald Trump pardoned him on his way out of office.The appearance of Manafort, whose convictions stemmed from bank fraud, illegal foreign lobbying, and lying to investigators about his contacts with Russian officials, prompted a firestorm on social media, with many pointing out that he is just one of many convicted felons — including the nominee — on the floor of a convention of a party that is supposed to stand for law and order."This crime wave must end," wrote Lincoln Project co-founder and political strategist Rick Wilson.ALSO READ: Do presidents’ popularity increase after assassination attempts? History has an answer."People welcomed back to 2024 GOP convention: Paul Manafort," wrote Politico legal affairs reporter Kyle Cheney. "People not welcomed back to 2024 GOP convention: Mike Pence.""I was going to count all the people at the RNC who have spent time in prison — or currently risk visiting one — but I simply don't have that kinda time!" wrote Canadian comedian Deven Green, through her satirical Mrs. Betty Bowers, "America's Best Christian" persona."Tonight’s unannounced theme is a soft focus look at the Trump crime family," wrote former Senate staffer Josh Dorner."Paul Manafort was pardoned after lying about why he shared campaign strategy with someone Treasury says is a Russian spy -- who gave the strategy to other Russian spies," wrote analyst Marcy Wheeler. "And note, the platform this time around pretty much sells Ukraine down the river, just like Kilimnik wanted.""Is he already out of prison?" wrote the account @hollywoodpete69. "Oh wait, I confused him with Steve Bannon, I mean Peter [Navarro], uhm maybe Michael Cohen, or was it Roger Stone, but it could have been Weisselberg too......""Why is Paul Manafort, Russian colluder, allowed at the Republican Convention?" wrote the account @sto_k. "Republicans just flagrantly and brazenly showcase their criminality and collusion with hostile foreign governments now, apparently.""Good lord ... raise your hand if you are attending the @GOP Convention and DON’T have a criminal conviction ... not too many, I’m guessing," wrote the account @DrainTheTrumps on Wednesday."The Republican National Convention! AKA the prison reunion show," wrote the account @DaleGaldret.
07/17/2024 --rawstory
MILWAUKEE — The self-styled “secretary of retribution” for Donald Trump who’s circulating a 350-person “target list” of politicians, bureaucrats and journalists had nothing to say about his plans when approached by Raw Story reporters Wednesday at the Republican National Convention.Raw Story attempted to ask Ivan Raiklin about his stated desire to conduct “live-streamed swatting raids” against individuals on his “target list.” Also of interest: his efforts to work with largely rural, conservative county sheriffs to deputize some 75,000 military veterans to arrest people on his list.RELATED ARTICLE: Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrestedBut Raiklin, who has refused to answer Raw Story’s questions by phone and email for more than a month, would not talk substantively outside the Fiserv Forum, where the Republican National Convention is being conducted. Raiklin also objected to being approached without appointment.“You’re like on the threshold, the cusp of conducting political violence, and I don’t like that. I want you to calm down.”“I’m fine,” said the reporter, who had approached Raiklin in a public plaza. “Are you going to answer the question or not?”Raiklin did not answer. “Do you think that’s appropriate behavior?” Raiklin later said, adding that reporters were wrong to “completely deviate from all standard norms and principles of being a cordial individual.” Last week, a Raw Story investigation detailed Raiklin’s background, including his service as a now-retired Army Reserve lieutenant colonel and current pursuit of anti-Trump Americans he considers government enemies.Raiklin’s list raised alarms with members of Congress.“This is a deadly serious report,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) told Raw Story. “A retired U.S. military officer has drawn up a ‘Deep State target list’ of public officials he considers traitors, along with our family members and staff. His hit list is a vigilante death warrant for hundreds of Americans and a clear and present danger to the survival of American democracy and freedom."Raw Story’s report explained that Richard Mack, head of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association, had cut off initial discussions with Raiklin and said he disapproves of Raiklin’s rhetoric. The Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association argues that sheriffs have the power to oppose edicts from the federal government that they believe to be unconstitutional. Mack said he didn’t know any sheriffs who are aligned with Raiklin’s plan.“He’s never been able to give me a name” of a supportive sheriff, Mack said.Raw Story asked Raiklin on Wednesday: “Do you have any reaction to Richard Mack saying you don’t have a single sheriff, a single one, who is behind your plan?”Raiklin reacted with his often-used tactic of not answering questions directly, recording the encounter, and responding with questions of his own.Throughout the eight-minute exchange, Raiklin remained evasive.For example, Raw Story asked Raiklin why, if he has evidence of wrongdoing by people on his “Deep State target list,” he doesn’t provide that information to law enforcement. Raiklin responded by saying he wanted to keep the situation calm. He invited the reporter to sit and drink a bottle of water. He asked the reporter about his background. But never answered the reporter’s question.Raiklin has periodically approached public officials such as Anthony Fauci and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, peppering them with questions and comments.🔥 EXCLUSIVE! Pelosi on Camera asked of her role in Fedsurrection🔥 Good Morning @SpeakerPelosi What would you say to those folks that claim that you were involved in a #Fedsurrection parliamentary coup on January 6 along with your daughter Alexandra, son-in-law Mikhiel...— Ivan Raiklin (@IvanRaiklin) December 12, 2023 Ivan Raiklin following Fauci— Minnie (@Jaminnie1) June 3, 2024 Raw Story first requested an interview with Raiklin in early June. Raiklin did not directly respond, instead posting the email request online — and asking for information about the reporter.Who do you think Mark's colleague is at Raw Sewage? Also provide everything you have on this guy in the comments. Trying to figure out who tasked him and his colleague to write about me and why, before I decide to respond. 😘— Ivan Raiklin (@IvanRaiklin) June 12, 2024 When the reporter followed up by email, Raiklin posted the inquiry on social media and wrote, “Hey Mark, use my preferred pronouns when addressing me: ‘Trump/Flynn 2024’” — a reference to retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a close ally who served as Trump’s first nation security adviser in 2017.Hey Mark, use my preferred pronouns when addressing me: "Trump/Flynn 2024"— Ivan Raiklin (@IvanRaiklin) June 14, 2024 After a third inquiry by Raw Story via voicemail and email, Raiklin posted the audio message on social media site X — but he did not respond to Raw Story.🔥 Panic in DC! 😱 🫨 🙀 Looks like Elements of the Deep State Target List have asked @jordangreennc of Raw Sewage to try to find out more about my list and if I am working with @shellenberger and @mtaibbi and if they are working with @Jim_Jordan @RepJamesComer @RepLoudermilk...— Ivan Raiklin (@IvanRaiklin) July 9, 2024 The Trump campaign did not respond to questions about Raiklin.As Raw Story reporters departed Wednesday, Raiklin ended the exchange with a farewell — and parting shot.“Have a nice day, Jordan,” Raiklin said. “It was a pleasure to meet and hopefully next time you’ll come in a more respectful tone.”Raiklin then added: “We need to investigate you.”
07/17/2024 --unionleader
LOS ANGELES — Rep. Adam B. Schiff, D-Calif., who is running for U.S. Senate in California, is calling for President Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race, he said in an exclusive statement Wednesday to The Times.
07/17/2024 --rollcall
President Joe Biden makes his way to Marine One en route to Philadelphia on the South Lawn of the White House on May 29.
07/17/2024 --rollcall
Rep. Adam B. Schiff, D-Calif., left, talks with President Joe Biden after the State of the Union address in the House chamber on March 7.
11/02/2023 --rollcall
Welcome to At the Races! Each week we bring you news and analysis from the CQ Roll Call campaign team. Know someone who’d like to get this newsletter? They can subscribe here. By Daniela Altimari, Mary Ellen McIntire and Niels Lesniewski Israel’s war against Hamas has scrambled Democratic politics, exposing deep divisions within the party […] The post At the Races: Mideast tensions appeared first on Roll Call.